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Insite has been developed for Mining Companies and Core Contractors operating in SA.
Use the system to effectively measure and manage your Social and Labour Plan and BBBEE scorecard online.

Quick to Setup . Easy to Use.

The insite system provide mines and core contractors with improved data quality for strategic planning and reporting purposes at an affordable price.


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Procurement Reporting made easy



Insite is a flexible, cloud-based social sustainability management platform. MTS is the exclusive reseller of Insite in Sub-Saharan Africa. The platform was designed for the mining industry, optimising regulatory compliance processes relating to BBBEE, Sector Charters, Social Labour Plans (SLP), and Employment Equity. The system enables management to streamline data collecting, monitoring, and reporting requirements.

Social sustainability and transformation programmes ultimately deal with the needs of the communities in which they operate, incorporating Human Resources, Training, Procurement, and Community Development.  As a central platform, the solution ensures that social sustainability and transformation objectives and compliance requirements are managed efficiently and effectively.

By adopting and implementing the solution as part of its social management process, companies are able to:

  • Reduce the manual and time consuming processes and eliminate non-compliance;
  • De-risk the business and attain significant efficiency gains;
  • Streamline management, reporting, monitoring and measuring regulatory compliance;
  • Enable standardization of social sustainability best practice processes throughout the business, across multiple projects, and;
  • Integrate to SAP, Oracle, and JD Edwards, accounting systems, and even Excel spreadsheets eliminating data integrity risks.

Insite enables executive and operational level management to access data and reports whenever they need it.



Managing Transformation Solutions (MTS) is South Africa’s leading expert on social sustainability in the mining industry.  We focus on two core areas relevant to social transformation – advisory and compliance reporting optimisation.

Our transformation specialists guide business leaders of corporations through critical social sustainability decisions that maximise social impact in complying with South Africa’s social transformation legislative environment.   We provide expert advisory, planning, implementation and reporting on social sustainability and transformation strategies and plans required by BBBEE, Sector Charters, Social Labour Plans (SLP), and Employment Equity (EE) regulatory compliance.

Our focus on sustainable social impact means we form cohesive partnerships with our clients to develop social transformation strategies that are resilient, boosts efficient operational performance, ensures effective improvements, and reduce risks and costs.

Regulatory compliance can be a cumbersome, complex process to manage and measure.  Our team of specialists can help in the following key areas:

  • Identifying opportunities for social and broad-based transformation that are robust and create tangible value for businesses.
  • Optimising social sustainability regulatory compliance that enables controlled management of business risks, legal compliance and corporate governance.
  • Implementing our Insite technology solution that automates data assimilation for BBBEE, Sector Charters, Social Labour Plans (SLP), and Employment Equity (EE) data management.
  • Managing sustainability, strategy integration, and measuring against targets. This enables management to understand business and sector-relevant social sustainability factors that drives impactful and measurable short and long-term social transformation objectives.
  • Providing communications material that drives meaningful stakeholder engagement required in compliance with South Africa’s labour and social transformation legislation.  To enable effective engagement with the workforce and communities in the mining industry, we provide SLP booklets and white-labelled posters required in the workplace.

In applying our methodology, our engagement extends beyond an interaction that is solely driven by regulatory compliance.

We focus on creating value that drives sustainable social impact.


  • Plan

    Set targets aligned to baseline reports for realistic goal achievement.

  • Implement

    Create implementation plans with budgets and KPI's to ensure achievement of goals within time and budgets.

  • Measure

    Within seconds of the first data upload, baseline reports indicate short falls for planning purposes.

  • Report

    Draw standard reports for common compliance scenarios and Report on Risk associated with the goals set.


Drilldown Functionality

Drilldown Functionality

Make your next DMR/BEE Audit a breeze using Insite’s easy to use drilldown functionality

Effectively drilldown into figures and show how information and figures are compiled at base data level

Tree Structure

Tree Structure

Insite’s tree structure functionality offers authorised users the ability to drilldown into a specific operation/ contractor information, as well as the functionality to roll-up information to view entire groups data.

Manage your contractors compliance through Insite’s easy to use tree structure functionality

Data Matrix Tool

Data Matrix Tool

Improve your organisations data integrity using Insite’s cutting edge Data-Matrix Tool

Insite provides transparent, accurate data you can trust and use in your internal and external reporting on various industry charters

Risk Management

Risk Management

Effectively manage your risk across your organisation including HR, Training and Procurement Data using Insite’s Executive Risk Report tool

View your transformation risk at a glance



Turn your payroll data into workforce information that enables planning, management & reporting around diversity & localisation (labour-sending areas) for employment equity, sustainability, triple-bottom line reporting as well as optimal knowledge & best practice workforce management.

Human Resources


Align your organisations’ training & skills development to compliance requirements. Easily plan & track multiple training interventions against your targets using best practice planning templates, progress reports & graphics. (Note: the Training Module uses your workforce data and therefore must be used with the HR Module.)


Easily report on your preferential procurement results through Insite’s spend reports, clearly illustrating progress on preferred suppliers and local spend. Utilise your supplier database on Insite to identify local suppliers. View spend trends and spend exception reports for suppliers.



The module enables users to develop detailed implementation plans with key milestones, actions, project teams & budgets aligned to specified timeframes. Community development/CSI/ED project delivery can be easily tracked as progress achieved (time & budget spent against key deliverables or milestones) is uploaded & graphically displayed.

 Turn your existing payroll, training and procurement data into

insightful transformation information.


MODULES core plus package prime package
Human Resources
– Reports  yes yes  yes
– Targets  yes yes yes
– Implementation  tik  yes yes
 – Reports  yes  yes  yes
 – Targets  yes  yes  yes
 – Implementation  tik  yes  yes
 – Reports  yes  yes  yes
 – Targets  yes  yes  yes
 – Implementation  tik  yes  yes
 Community Development  tik  yes
 Employee Wellness  tik  tik  yes
 Downscaling & Retrenchment  tik  tik  yes
 Communication Strategy  tik  tik  yes
Consolidated Reports  tik  tik  yes


  • I would highly recommend Insite as a tool to manage any complicated legislative/non legislative environment with regards to: measurements, targets, budgets and strategic action plans.

    Audrey Steenkamp Transformation Manager
  • I would like to thank the Insite team for expert advise and proffesional service they provide. It is always a pleasure to work with the Insite team.

    Pieter Pienaar Transformation Coordinator

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Why you need Transformation Technology

Gartner reports that poor data quality is a primary reason for 40% of all business initiatives failing to achieve their targeted benefits and could cost the average company up to $8 million dollars annually.

KPMG released a report indicating that the inclusion of corporate responsibility data alongside financial reporting has increased the pressure on companies to ensure improved data quality through internal reporting and associated systems and processes.

Mckinsey reported that Executives at companies with successful corporate sustainability programmes all use aggressive goal setting, focused strategy and key performance management programmes.